Sunday, October 30, 2011

Floyd's Angel

My buddy actor Miles and I had been shooting interviews for a gig and ended up having this location for 2 months. One of the people we interviewed was an old gospel singer and happened to have a collection of Bob Jones University films from the 60s/70s. These religious propaganda films were what gave us the loose idea of making a dark answer to them.

What followed was a grueling 2 months of shooting. Without a crew we were moving at a snail pace, working long hours with really minimal results. Operating and pulling focus at the same time resulted in having to do far too many takes on some particular shots. And of course, we shot a handful of scenes that didn't end up in this cut.

Editing was just as bad because in the end I had about 35 hours worth of takes to sift through. And after finally getting through roughcuts of every scene a power outage corrupted my principal external hard-drive as well as my main hard-drive via my operating system. I still don't understand how it took 3 weeks to get everything back online but thinking about the fact that all the footage had to be re-encoded, I had to reinstall OSX about 10 times, and I had to manually reconnect half of the clips in my timeline, it starts to make sense.