Monday, November 29, 2010

Salesforce Contest Entry

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Afternoon at the Fair with Alvin Greene

A few weeks I had the opportunity to do some filming for Leslie Beaumont and David Garrett's documentary Who is Alvin Greene? Alvin Greene's run for office turned him into a celebrity overnight. He did no real campaigning, lives at his dad's house, and somehow beat an established Democrat in the primary. There are conspiracy theories that the Republicans fronted him the $10,000 running fee for the primary to assure an embarrassing defeat for the Democrats. But truth be told, Alvin Greene is just a random guy who had the idea of running for office and got lucky. As my friend Nate said , is it really so crazy to think that a normal person would want to run for public office? Normal might be used loosely in Alvin Greene's context, but he's much more like the average American than some pedigreed party/lobbyist controlled asshole like most other American politicians. But I digress. Here are some pics:

Alvin at the entrance.

Alvin couldn't walk more than a few steps before being stopped by fans. He would ask everyone he met "Where you from?". As if it was a tip from some political playbook.

Sitting in the shade on a hot fall day in South Carolina.

A pensive Greene looks toward the crowd...

And while Alvin was always looking for a chance to talk to his fans,
they would often lose interest in him as soon as they finished their photographs.

The wacky environment of the fair compliments the bizarre conditions of Greene's political stardom.

Underdog Greene looks back while a white suited man on stilts looms over him.

And not even yours truly could resist the chance to take a picture with the phenomenon himself.

I'll do another one of these in a few days...