Monday, September 27, 2010

Picture blog: 3 Dude's at the 2010 Charleston Green Fair

Back to the Greenfair two years after I did a pic post with shots taken for a doc Justin Nathanson was making. I was taking pics again as Justin was filming a concert by the very young local band 3 Dudes. Here are some pics:
Poster for the band
The dudes before the show
Justin wondering if it's raining
Sound check
Badass soundguy who was wearing a Howlin Wolf t-shirt
Setting up drums
The stage at Marion Square
The show
The show pt 2
Nice drum face
No photoshop here, fun w/ focus on my 50mm lens
Ancient symmetry
Hoola hoop girl    

My fav pic of the set
Nice promo pose    


Justin said...

Good lookin out J Bizzle...

The 3 Dudes look great in the photos.

TravisTouchdown said...

Love your posts dude you should keep posting more! keep us updated dood