Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Reel

To start the summer off right I've made a new reel. There are a few shots from "Last Rites" in there.

Summer 09 Reel from Jesse Berger on Vimeo.

And this will be no ordinary summer as I has graduated. As far as plans for the summer, besides taking a month long trip to find myself in Europe I'll hopefully be making another doc. Lets face it, the job market sucks. I have a part time job with my internship that'll keep me from being an official bum for the summer... so its the perfect time for doing a doc.

I'll hopefully be working with my producer friend Alex Hesemann on this project. Alex and I have worked together since I first starting working for my college television station. We're both done with school and haven't worked on a project together for quite some time.

The project I really want to do will be about a commune. I've contacted a few to try and get things in motion. There are quite a few "intentional communities", which can be found at if anyone is interested. These intentional communities vary from farm collectives to eastern spiritual retreat camps. The subject has really peaked my interest, and spending portions of my summer at a commune would be quite the experience.

Also, I'm meeting this week with my friend Bundy who will be doing the score for "Last Rites". I a song from his former band's cds in the film, and I'm excited to get a real score!

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alex said...

yo - the right third of your video is cut off because it's not in widescreen.