Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Charleston IFF Wrapup

Well its been a busy month. Last weekend was the premier of SOB at the Charleston International Film Festival. We sold out our block, which was great! And better yet, we won audience choice for best documentary!

This was my first real film festival. The after parties were lots of fun and I met a good deal of people. Overall, it was a really great experience.

The best advice from the weekend came from a very short conversation with Lisa Napoli, who made the original doc on SOB. She told me not enjoy the after parties too much because they aren't real, and that moving to LA is cliched. How dense and awesome.

I'm still shocked at our win. It will undoubtedly help us get the film distributed or at least in other festivals. But now its time to move on to another project. I figure another documentary might be a good idea.

I didn't have time to post about it, but I wrote and shot a short film "Last Rights" two weekends ago. I made it with friend Sarah Jones for a class we're in. Sarah worked as director of photography, and after working with a DP I will hopefully never work without one again!

We have to finish a cut for class by Friday, but this will not be the final version. Once its tweaked I'm sending it to my friend Bundy who's going to do the score. There are a few scenes in it that turned out exceptional, and I'm psyched on this project. Its super fast paced and I tried my best to shoot it like it was a comic book. I'll post a trailer or some stills whenever I get the chance. Look for a mid-May premier.

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A Train To Midnight said...

Congrats once again on the win Berger. Sky's the Limit bruh.