Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wrapping Up

After an extremely productive spring break, I'm finally getting close to finishing up SOB. As my last post indicated, working on the sound mix was an unpleasant experience. To think that people actually work with audio for a living! What an awful life that would be. Though I listened to music throughout my second round of color correction, you simply cannot listen to music while mixing sound. There is no escape from the meticulous hell of adjusting audio.

In the second round of color correction I worked a lot on giving the film a "look". With no artificial lights some interviews ended up with a person's face looking a bit overexposed on one side. I found a really nice filter that adds contrast and color saturation to the brightest parts of the image. This filter, applied in concert with a few others, gives the overall pictures a more even lighting scheme and makes the colors stand out. I like to think this gives the film more of a carnival look. Vivid colors = visual pleasure.

There a few VERY minor things I plan on changing with the audio still, but this sucker is basically finished. I have to submit some screener copies to the Charleston Film Festival by next week, and then I have a solid month to make any other MINOR changes before the premier. A few months ago I thought this film was never going to end... low and behold the time has come to start brainstorming about my next project. And for those loyal followers that are sick of this string of technical blogs... I feel your pain.

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Zach said...

Yeah, im getting tired of this editing bullshit.