Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soundtrack Pro Hell

Working on this audio mix has been quite a pain. I took a full day to watch part of a 6 hour video tutorial about Soundtrack Pro, Apple's sound editing suite. Feeling confident, I tried to get started but ran into a huge problem. For some reason some of my audio clips looked blank as opposed to showing a picture of what the audio looks like. Now this is a huge problem because to edit the audio I need to see it. I was basically blind.

I looked through a TON of other problems people have had with this program. My favorite was at the official Apple forum. The problem was considered resolved by suggesting to break larger projects down into multiple smaller projects. With the ever present danger of things getting out of sync, why would anyone want to start messing around with a finished sequence?

I finally found the answer to my problem. Apparently it takes the program a long time to compile or process all the information about the clips. So I have to run activity monitor and watch to see when Soundtrack Pro quits tweaking out. The best part is that it takes about 30 minutes. And after reading other people's complaints about problems they've had with this program, I'm almost positive I'm going to have trouble bringing it back into Final Cut Pro when I'm done. Spring Break 09 Yeah BABY!

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