Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Lives!

That's me above. What's that crazy looking contraption on my back? Its nothing spectacular, just the ACID MASTER 3000. A lucky find on the side of the road + about $100 and 3 trips to Lowes + a weekend worth of work = my kind of DIY project. I still need to tweak/figure out a few things, but we're still Beta testing.

Why the hell would I build this absurd device? The answer is simple. I've more or less decided my next film is going to be a zombie movie. When I first began dabbling in filmmaking, horror movies were what I wanted to make. Though I drifted away from this after being exposed to good films, I once again find myself searching for something thats cheap to make and entertaining. I love gimmicks and an acid gun is a great one, at least I think so. I'll write more about the zombie script I'm working on if/when things start falling into place.

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A Train To Midnight said...

Hey hey, the horror genre has good films as well. Good job in the completion of your Acid Master 3000 though.