Thursday, March 19, 2009

Festival Win

The City Green won first place at CofC's student film festival last night. This is great news because the winners all took home a rather hefty sum of prize money. Now I can put it in some film festivals. The "phantom producer" of the film Alex Hesemann and I will be spending the next week making a list of festivals to put it in. Figuring out which festivals to submit to is key. Most of the festivals we submit to will have student sections. The three things to keep in mind are:

1. If the film has a chance of being accepted.
2. If accepted, would the film have a chance of winning any prize?
3. Most importantly, would anyone involved with the film be able to attend the festival?

On another festival note, Nate and I have talked about what the game-plan is for submitting SOB to festivals. Our main goal is to submit to some smaller regional film festivals, specifically those in North and South Carolina. The logic behind this is that we'll have a better chance of winning some sort of prize (money) and be able to afford to put it into some bigger festivals. We'll see what happens.

And of course thanks to Taylor Townes, Antonio Robinson, and the Mallard brothers for making this film happen. 


tom Skwierawski said...

Jesse... I was just creepin' online today, and stumbled upon your S.O.B trailer.

Glad to see you actually did it... now I need a copy. Could ya send me one?

2700 Albany Street
Houston TX 77006

Hope you're doing alright. Between this doc and Living Green, sure seems like you are.

p.s Texas is riddled with kitsch if your interested in making another documentary.

tom Skwierawski said...

oh yea apt 2c