Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SOB Trailer

The Center for the Documentary at CofC is hosting an event at the American Theater and they wanted a trailer for the SOB doc, which is now called "S.O.B. and the Legend of Alan Schafer". I put it up on Vimeo as well, but I'd rather have the traffic go to Youtube. Here it is:

The whole "kill your darlings" thing is going really well, but I'm hoping this next cut of the film will be close a final version... so I'm taking my time and doing it right. Besides ridding the film of unnecessary clips, quotes, and b-roll among other things, I've really focused on restructuring the story. The first cut had too much emphasis on the employees and tourists. This next cut is mostly focused on Alan Schafer, the hero of our story.

Nate and I took a trip to Columbia SC last week to get some shots of newspapers. The climax of the film was rather weak in the first cut but some shots of newspaper accounts of Alan Schafer's voting fraud controversy add another source of information and give me something else to cut to, which is equally important.

All the old newspapers we filmed were on microfilm. Luckily for us, the tight-ass librarian shoved us in a small closet with two microfilm viewing machines. Nate and I joked that if she walked in while we were filming we would have definitely been banned from the library. Ah the spirit of independent filmmaking.

On that same note, the Charleston International Film Festival deadline was January 21st. Around the 19th I sent an email to them asking for a waiver so we could submit later. I didn't receive a response by the 21st, so I looked up the address and drove to North Charleston to drop off the roughcut in person. But the address listed on their website was not their office. In fact it was a UPS store. I asked the employee if we could drop it off in their mailbox but apparently that is illegal. So I ended up shipping the roughcut and the City Green submissions from the UPS store... to the UPS store. It only cost $4 and of course I got the waiver from the film festival in an email response the next day. But either way we're shooting for a spring screening. AKA I'll finish the film over spring break.

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