Sunday, December 28, 2008

HDTV Blues

A quick break from my editing cave in Charleston has given me some serious down time back in Indianapolis. All I really cared to do this break was catch up on a few movies I'd bought but hadn't had the chance to watch. However, my hi-tech parents replaced almost every tv in the house with an HD one. Now in two or three years this would be great because hopefully by then tv will be broadcast exclusively in HD and you'll be able to watch any movie you want through a magical black box. But that's clearly not the case now because we only get about 15 HD channels and Comcast's (aka the corporate mega-devil) HD On Demand selection is awful.

The thing about HDTV now is that if you watch HD it looks great, but anything else looks WORSE than it would on a good old fashioned tv. Not to mention frame rates look funky, and aspect ratios (my biggest pet peeve) are commonly messed up even by networks. So even HD channels will be stretched or squeezed, and sometimes they even have the nerve to broadcast "HD" films in a 4:3 aspect ratio with the sides cropped out!

All I want to do is watch some movies in the best quality I can, and a good old fashioned dvd player plugged into any of our HDTVs makes these films look like shitty video. What a bad time for television.

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