Monday, December 1, 2008

Closing Time in Indy

I just got back from my Thanksgiving trip to Indianapolis. Unfortunately I came to discover that two of my favorite places had closed down since my last trip home.

Missing Link Records was a large mostly vinyl music store that recently downgraded to a tiny building outside of the arts district that helped give its former location(s) some character. I'm a huge fan of vinyl and at one point Missing Link had a huge selection. The worst part is how I found out about its closing.

My friend Zach and I drove to the new location and saw a sign on the door that said the location would be closed "indefinitely". Somehow or another Key Cinemas entered the conversation and when I went home to look up movie times I read about how it had closed too. This theater would show the kind of the real independent cinema that has at best a small chance of making it into the bigger chains. Last year the opening of an "art" theater that also plays popular Hollywood films probably helped seal the deal.

On a brighter note, I found a few issues of Carmel Magazine while at home. Carmel is a suburb of Indianapolis that is apparently worthy of its own monthly magazine. I found two covers particularly funny and my next blog will be those covers with fun captions.

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