Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Updates

Last night was the premiere of The City Green. We had a great turnout and the event went really well. Thanks again to Sean from City Lights for letting us screen it there and thanks to everyone that came out. Now that the premier is over the only thing left in store for the film is a quick gamble with the festival circuit. Submitting to film festivals is expensive and who knows if the festivals actually watch all the films they receive. But I'm confident it'll get into a few. Other than that, being done with a project always puts me in a strange state of mind. I think of it as a form of postpartum depression, but its much worse when shooting wraps than after the film is made public.

Now its time to finish filming and get serious with editing South of the Border. Nate and I are going to make what could be our final trip (in the context of this doc) to SOB sometime soon.

This fall break I brought my computer and hard-drives containing all the footage to North Charleston where I'm cat-sitting. I was holed up for a solid 48 hours without the internet sorting through the many hours of interviews and b-roll we have. I also began testing out ideas for scenes. Now that I've become thoroughly acquainted with all the newly organized footage its about time to put together a draft.

I had the chance to get in touch with journalist Lisa Napoli last week. She made a 30 minute documentary about South of the Border in the early 1990's. Nate and I didn't find out about this until we were reading the master's thesis Laura Christenson wrote about the place and saw the doc in the footnotes. When I first saw this I got a terrible feeling in my stomach because the worst thing in the world would be finding out half-way through shooting that our film had already been made. I tracked down a copy of the film and watched it a few months ago. Luckily it takes a completely different angle than ours.

Talking to Lisa was re-assuring, and just what I needed to kick-start the editing process. She's become a really successful journalist, and my first "contact" in L.A. where she currently lives.
She also gave us permission to do a special scene that involves using an "excerpt" from her documentary.

The interviews we have so far have a good bit of substance, and the rough "scenes" I've been working on show some promise for a fun and quirky doc. This roadside attraction happens to be a brilliant slice of Americana, and that is definitely going to come across well in this doc.

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