Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pentagram of Loss


I finally got around to filming nude people and surprise surprise, it
wasn't porn! My friend Becca who works for the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art helped get me a job which entailed filming a movement performance piece entitled "The Pentagram of Loss" and editing the footage into a five minute video. Luckily for me Pinky Bass, the artist responsible for creating the performance insisted I film the rehearsal as well. I ended up going with the mentality that I was shooting a documentary and cut together a short "mini-doc". Here's the final product:

Pentagram of Loss from Jesse Berger on Vimeo.

Apparently another videographer was set to do the piece but this fell through. I'd like to think he/she was too intimidated by the whole naked thing. To be honest neither I, nor most people I know have had the chance to see a performance so strange. And who would have thought it would occur in Charleston?

I tried my best to show clips which exemplify the character of Pinky Bass in the video. From what I could tell, she was kind, humble, and eccentric in the fun artistic way. Instead of brooding in despair, she's used her artistic nature to get over the loss of the five people who meant the most to her in life.

When I described the piece to a friend he basically asked if avant garde acts of the likes have real artistic merit. Utilizing the human body in its natural form may come off as shock-value, though it should not. I'd like to point out that Pinky's motivation for the piece is derived from real tragedy. And there's no getting around how brave it is for an older woman to be nude in front of a group of people. She also had enough artistic integrity to convince other people to act in the nude as well so kudos to her.

Filming such interesting material only happens so often and I'm quite thankful for the opportunity.


Nate Mallard said...

Berger, This is awesome. I wish I could have seen it live. Once again I'm amazed at your skills cousin.

Anonymous said...

I second what Nate said.

Jippity Jackson said...

There is only one truth:

Master Stalin must rule.