Friday, October 3, 2008

The City Green Premier

The City Green, my latest short film will premier Thursday October 16th at 8pm in City Lights Coffee. I shot this film at the end of summer and just finished it a few weeks ago. I've been trying to think of how to pitch it, here's my best shot: No dialogue, one actor, a refined look at a person losing their mind. I'm billing the premier as a "Really Short Night of Shorts". The other two films screening are a cool stop motion animation by Kyle Hilliard called Andre the Miniature, and Sarah Jones's Blausaure, a well photographed and directed noir short. Both "rider" films as I call them are less than 3 minutes, and my film is only 12 minutes so the entire night will be no more than a half an hour.

The City Green took us about three and a half days to shoot. I wrote it last summer with C.J. Avery who I met through my good friend Alex Hesemann. Alex is credited as Phantom Producer. What the hell is a Phantom Producer? Here's my critera:
1. If it weren't for this person, the film might not have happened.
2. The person must live in another state and never work on the set.
3. A Phantom Producer must be involved in the film from when its first conceived to the final cut.

Taylor Townes plays the one and only real actor. The music in the film was composed by him as well. This was my first experience with using any type of storyboarding, and my first (and hopefully last) artsy-fartsy film. This was also my first time shooting with a dolly, which I built with Nasty Nate. Antonio Robinson was my assistant director and right hand man on the set. Finally, Zac Mallard did the drawings used in the film, which turned out well for that purpose and have also been an excellent marketing tool.

Above everything else, this film is an ode to some of my favorite places in Charleston. The owner of City Lights, Sean, was nice enough to let us shoot inside and made the suggestion that we screen it there as well. At first I was apprehensive because City Lights is a small venue, but it later dawned on me that it could be an intimate experience and it will hopefully be easy to turn out a packed house. By the way this event is free... so come.

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